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Medical mask factories in Vietnam

Thảo luận trong 'Cửa Hàng Thời Trang' bắt đầu bởi huyvu1321, 15/9/20.

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    The garment industry was suffering an unprecedented crisis due to COVID-19, but the pandemic also brought significant opportunities for Vietnam to become the world’s face mask factory.Many garment producers hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic recently invested in producing face masks as a solution to cope with the difficult time and take the opportunities arising from the supply shortage.


    More Vietnam companies are trying to get into the mask-making business. Because they realize that hospitals and public officials scrounge for protective gear confronting the coronavirus pandemic. In the fight against the coronavirus, medical mask worn by millions of people around the globe everyday. Then, Vietnam government is under growing pressure to share and meet the world’s needs. Hundreds of millions of masks have been exported abroad because of the development of medical mask factories in Vietnam.

    Medical mask factories in Vietnam and textile businesses have achieved a strong position in export markets. As of April 19, Vietnam exported over 415 million face masks. However, they may face difficulties in meeting mask quality standards from the importing countries. In the U.S, officials project the country has just one percent of the 3.5 billion medical masks and respirators needed to fight the outbreak for a year. To export masks to the EU and the US, Vietnamese firms must obtain a CE marking and FDA certification. Therefore, they indicate that a product meets the appropriate safety and environmental protection standards.

    Medical mask factories in Vietnam had set its own hygiene and environment friendly standards. All employees are trained regularly for personal hygiene and clean room environment. They ensure comprehensive and exhaustive series of physical, chemical and biological testing at different stages in the production cycle. Quality process starts right from the procurement of raw material ensuring that it fulfills the requirement of internal use and international biological standards. In a large demand for face masks, the EU and US may allow the import of these products without CE marking and FDA certification.

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